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Example of a custom window on Win32 API

Updated 2024-01-20 03:36:42 +00:00

A demo that shows the interactions of SRGB conversions and anti-aliasing

Updated 2023-10-13 19:11:53 +00:00

Splink! A lisp-based experiment in making a structured compute engine.

Updated 2023-10-13 19:11:29 +00:00

A lightweight header library for getting started with kernel bootstrapping via UEFI

Updated 2023-10-13 19:10:57 +00:00

A program that renders podcast videos from a set of input tracks and avatar images

Updated 2023-10-13 19:10:14 +00:00

Published portion of the codebase seen on the Mr. 4th Programming video series

Updated 2023-11-13 20:35:09 +00:00

Examples for supporting dynamic linking on the native layer Reference article:

Updated 2024-04-24 23:28:42 +00:00